Sunday, 18 July 2010

Crafts & cupcakes!

I went to a summer fayre today In Betws-Y-Coed - there were loads of crafty items for sale & food, well worth the £1 entrance fee! I talked to a couple of women selling things, I was especially interested in crochet brooches, that is one project I'm going to work on very soon! It has given me lots of ideas & inspiration so hopefully I'll start making things before it wears off!

I bought a couple of brooches, a homemade button (made of clay? Or something that hardens, I should have asked her how she made it..) and some other buttons. Also bought some nice but expensive fudge, mmm!

It's Mari's christening tomorrow (my best mate's daughter, now 5 months old) so have been up making cupcakes 10pm - 2am!!) I'm very tired now but the cakes will hopefully be worth it (I haven't tried one yet but dad says they're nice. Very vanilla-y tho, I'm not overly keen on vanilla but we'll see!)

Friday, 16 July 2010

Lazy Friday

well, i'm in work on my lunch break, thinking about the weekend. I have a christening on sunday, my best friend's daughter who's almost 5 months old, and I need to find a cute present for her to add to the one I've already got. I'd love to make something but still get scared of making things in case they're not good enough... I've got to get over this obstacle if i want to get more creative and sell things :0)

Thursday, 15 July 2010

Day 1

I've finally done it, I've created a blog!
So, now I'm getting all the technology together (will have to sort out broadband, not everything can be done with an iPhone!) then I'll be sorted!